1. Rianne

    I adopted a 9 year old traumatized cat from a shelter in the Netherlands that was terrified of everything and everyone. She was one of the long stayers. She had proven in a foster family that she could warm up to people (a bit). They said I would never be able to pet her, but that in time she would seek my company and lay close by and blink. I wanted to give her a change. And I am so happy that I did!
    It took her some time to come to trust me, but now I have a wonderful cat in her. She is very talkative. When I sit on the couch she lays next to me and we exchange slow blinks and she purrs. And 11 months after she came in my life she allowed me to pet her for the first time. And now petting is part of our evening routine!
    Even an older, traumatized and scared animal can completely turn around with patience, a stable environment and lots and lots of love.

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