1. Caroline

    Hi Lauren, I’ve a question about the health of one of our chickens. She’s a Rhode Island Red about 9 months old. We brought her to the vet with conjunctivitis last week and she has been on anti-inflammatories since. Her eyes have cleared up but she’s still not well – lethargic, pale comb with purple tips, her face is grey compared to the others. We’re giving her water with a syringe. Is there any thing else we can give her that can perk her up?

    • lauren

      Hi Caroline, so sorry I am just seeing this post now. How is she doing? Did she make it? Unfortunately in my experience, once they become lethargic and the comb turns that color, not much else can be done for them.

      • Caroline

        No problem, thanks for your reply! We did bring her to the vet here – she perked up for a while but just lasted until yesterday, the poor thing. We’ve 3 more who are thriving thankfully 🙂 The blog is great by the way

        • lauren

          I’m sorry to hear that about your hen. Hopefully the other three will be around for years to come! Thank you so much for following the blog ☺️

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